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  • 12 Months Luxury Resort

    12 Months Luxury Resort

    Main Street, Tsangaradha, GR

  • Maritsas Hotel & Suites

    Maritsas Hotel & Suites

    Portaria, Portaria, GR

  • Valis Resort Hotel

    Valis Resort Hotel

    Agrias Station - Volos, Volos, GR

  • Domotel Xenia Volos

    Domotel Xenia Volos

    1 Plastira Str, Volos, GR

  • Archontiko Stamou

    Archontiko Stamou

    Char. Voutzara Str., Zagora, GR

  • In Marble - Deluxe Living

    In Marble - Deluxe Living

    28ης Οκτωβρίου 127, Βόλος, Greece 3ος όροφος, Volos, GR

  • Santikos Mansion

    Santikos Mansion

    Main Road To Visitsa - Pinakatai, Vizitsa, GR

  • Pilio Sea Horizon Hotel

    Pilio Sea Horizon Hotel

    Tsagarada - Mylopotamos Road, Tsangaradha, GR

  • Hotel Pelion Resort

    Hotel Pelion Resort

    Main Road Zagora, Portaria, GR

  • Xenia Palace Portaria

    Xenia Palace Portaria

    Main Road Zagora - Portaria, Portaria, GR

  • Valeni Boutique Hotel & Spa

    Valeni Boutique Hotel & Spa

    Regional Road Volou - Portarias, Portaria, GR

  • Archontiko Anemos

    Archontiko Anemos

    Eparchiaki Odos Makrinitsas-Ano Volou Μακρυνιτσα Βολος, Makrinitsa, GR

  • Pilio Sea Horizon hotel

    Pilio Sea Horizon hotel

    Tsagarada, Paralia Milopotamou, Zagora-Mouresi, Thessalia, GR

  • Magda Studios - Double Bed Room N4

    Magda Studios - Double Bed Room N4

    Vouzara, Zagora, GR

  • Magnes Hotel

    Magnes Hotel

    Eleftheriou Venizelou 97, Volos, GR

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